The Advantage of Using a Turnkey Company

April 19, 2016

The Advantage of Using a Turnkey Company    

A large proportion of industries have chosen to perform their capital investment projects by hiring out engineering, fabrication and installation using different contractors for each service. The coordination efforts are then up to the owner’s management staff, who may not have much contracting experience.

There are often many issues that arise between engineering, fabrication and installation companies in this process. Many of these issues could be eliminated along with minimizing coordination effort by using a turnkey company, such as Industrial Resources and West Virginia Electric.

Benefits of a Turnkey Company in the Engineering Phase

Starting with engineering, a turnkey contractor will be quite aware of the fabrication and installation needs for any project. An engineering-only company may have only an engineering perspective of the project. This can lead to additional cost and/or additional coordination efforts.

The engineering company must then approve all the fabrication drawings after they are completed. This can cost addition moneys along with delays in fabrication. There are also considerations for piping runs, electrical conduit pathways, etc., that may not be allowed in the structural design of the facility. A design build company has an incentive to resolve these issues in the design phase of the project.

Advantage of Using a Turnkey Company

By using a turnkey company, all these items are handled within this company. The value is seen not only in cost but in the overall schedule of the project. Once the overall design is approved by the customer, all other fabrication issues are dealt with internally. The installation can be adjusted due to the fabrication issue that may arise, and fabrication can be altered to accommodate the needs of the installation.    

Benefits of a Turnkey Company in the Fabrication and Installation Phase

In the fabrication stage, there would be cost considerations applied to how fabricated items are assembled and shipped for the overall cost benefit to the project along with any lifting devises required for field installation, whereas a separate fabricator would be concerned with their cost and handling need only.

Finally, the installation personnel would have direct communication with engineering and fabrication to determine best solutions for the overall project’s completion, including any changes required during the timeline of the project.

Industrial Resources

Considerations should be taken when preparing for your next project to determine which path your company should take.

At Industrial Resources and West Virginia Electric, we are sure the best option for any project is a turnkey project.

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